Automotive Paint And Coating Mixing Slurry Cover Stirrer

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Main Features

  • This product has high technical content, the spindle adopts universal bearing, automatic adjustment when rotating, good stability.
  • Beautiful and generous shape, reliable quality, can be adjusted according to different brands of lacquer barrels simple assembly, low noise, high precision, long life.
  • The stirring cover is made of imported material (POM), with good sealing, corrosion resistance, wear-resisting and anti-penetration, and the excessive wheel is used at the closing of the slurry cover and the lacquer tank, which makes the lacquer tank seal without deformation and saves effort.
  • Suitable for all kinds of paint mixing machine stirring all kinds of paint masterbatch, sealing leak-proof ventilation hole is not blocked, pouring paint mouth is not easy to leak paint, smooth opening, easy to grasp the flow of use, durable and wear-resistant!

Product Usage

  • The 1L lid is suitable for barrels with an inner diameter of about 7.8-9 cm and an outer diameter of not more than 10.8 cm.
  • The 4L lid is suitable for the inner diameter of the barrel mouth at about 13.3-14.8 cm, and the outer diameter of the barrel mouth does not exceed 16.8 cm.


  • Automotive paint and coating mixing slurry cover stirrer
  • 1L/ 4L
Application scope
  • Applicable to all kinds of paint mixing
Package Contents
  • Automotive paint and coating mixing slurry cover stirrer × 1

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Automotive Paint And Coating Mixing Slurry Cover Stirrer

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