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Gifts For Bird Lovers—If your family and friends love their birders, this is a great gift to get them a front row seat from the comfort of their home.

Feeding fruit or suet is a good alternative, in season, for attracting birds that don’t visit seed feeders. Orange slices, berries, cubed fresh fruit such as apples and melons, grapes, and even rehydrated dried fruit, such as raisins or currants, may bring new visitors to your yard. Bluebirds, grosbeaks, waxwings, catbirds, mockingbirds, tanagers, towhees, and of course orioles all love fruit.

This handmade spiked bird feeder is handcrafted from resin. Whether it is material or color, it is more in line with nature, and birds will prefer to stay on this bird feeder.

Just prepare the fruit or other food and insert the food on the spikes. In the end you just have to wait quietly for the birds to come.

Suet is a high-energy food especially valuable in cold weather. It will attract woodpeckers, flickers, nuthatches, chickadees, and jays. Wrens, cardinals and some warblers also occasionally visit suet feeders.

Glaze; The feeders are glazed in either shiny spearmint green or shiny variegated blue. Included are a beaded copper spike and an 8” weather-proof cord.

Every piece of our pottery is handmade and is “one of a kind.”  There are always minor variations in size, shape, color, and glaze surface. Each piece has our studio mark stamped on the bottom.

Our hanging bird feeders are attractive additions to your garden, patio or balcony. Attract more birds and make your garden stand out!

This listing is for one bird feeder.

Feeder dimensions: 7.5” X 5.5” X 2.25”. Included are a copper spike with beads and an 8” weather-proof cord.


By far our most popular feeder and here are what some of our customers have said:

“I was very pleased with the results and have had more hummingbirds than ever visit my feeder.”

“Your feeders are positively the best! I have been feeding hummingbirds for many years and still have other types of feeders hanging – but the hummingbirds only feed from your feeder!”

“This feeder is unquestionably the best hummingbird feeder I have owned. Hummers were coming to it when they would avoid my other feeders.”

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.